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Clark County Parks and Trails

Manages all parks functions, including maintenance, operations and exclusive use reservations.

Parks Foundation of Clark County

Raises funds through public and private partnerships and serves as a resource and network to the individual groups and organizations working to enhance the parks, trails, and recreation programs of Clark County.

The Intertwine Alliance

Coalition of 150+ public, private and nonprofit organizations working to integrate nature more deeply into the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region.

Washington Trails Association

The Nation's largest state-based hiking nonprofit organization to protect hiking trails and wildlands, take volunteers out to maintain trails, and promote hiking as a healthy, fun way to explore the outdoors.

Back Country Horsemen of Washington

Thirty-five chapters across the state dedicated to keeping trails open for all users, educating horse users in Leave-No-Trace practices and providing volunteer service to resource agencies.

Washington Trail Riders

Promote in all ways the interests of Trail Riders and to do any and all things necessary to advance the well-being and maintenance of the activity of trail riding; to co-ordinate and work with Government Agencies for the advancement of trail riding.

40 Something Cowgirls

Chapter members participate in camping trips, horsemanship clinics, parades, obstacle courses, etc - all in an effort to help and encourage other members in equine activities.

Clark County Executive Horse Council

Comprised of a cross-section of horse owners, horse enthusiasts, businesses and organizations with volunteer committees including equine education, Adopt a Horse/foster program, youth scholarships, park & recreation and trails.

Anita Will, Member at Large and Site Leader

Anita is always looking for ways to encourage more volunteers for trail work and funding for the waterwheel and stone mill.  She can be found riding her horses at the park and helping whenever and wherever possible.

Tyler Castle, President

Tyler grew up with the park in his backyard and as his family playground.  His family continues to use it to this day from horseback riding to hiking and biking and understands its value to the future of the community.

Donate now - shop to support Whipple Creek

Whipple Creek Park is highly dependent on volunteers and donations.  If you would like to donate, you can do that through the Parks Foundation of Clark County.

Donations over $20 are eligible to receive this T-shirt as a premium.  If you would like to receive multiple shirts, multiple donations need to be made.  Donations with T-shirt premiums can be made in person at the monthly committee and trail maintenance meetings.



Clark County Parks Foundation,

a 501c3 nonprofit

Current Officers

President, Tyler Castle

Vice-President, Jennifer Lee Hickel

Secretary, Fran Duncan

Member at Large and Site Leader, Anita Will

Contact Anita Will at 360.687.4760

Tyler Castle at 360.607.3130

Fran Duncan, Secretary

Bio coming shortly

Jennifer Lee Hickel, Vice President

Jennifer Lee Hickel became a member of the Whipple Creek Park Restoration Committee because she loves the beauty of the Whipple Creek Regional Park and believes that it should continue to be available for everyone in our community. Jennifer likes to hike the trails with her family and dogs; she also likes to ride her horse on the trails with friends.