Whipple Creek Regional Park

2018 Trail Maintenance

Work Days

9am - 1 pm

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Clark County Parks Foundation,

a 501c3 nonprofit

Current Officers

President, Tyler Castle

Vice-President, Jennifer Lee Hickel

Secretary, Fran Duncan

Member at Large and Site Leader, Anita Will

Contact Anita Will at 360.687.4760


Tyler Castle at 360.607.3130

Our generous supporters

“We do all kinds of cool stuff to get Whipple Creek Park back in shape...”

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Who are we?

Mission  As a citizens advocacy group, the Whipple Creek Park Restoration Committee, in 2012, along with Clark County Parks, officially adopted Whipple Creek Regional Park, although volunteer maintenance hours, small grants, and materials have been contributed since 2010.

Goals  Priority One is to fix the existing trails.  Priority Two is to repair and restore the historical features contained within the 375+ acre park.  Priority Three is to create the Park as a neighborhood destination and a multi-state attraction, providing recreation, education and economic impact as part of The Intertwine System of parks and with assistance from Historical and Preservation Associations.

Values  Health, recreation, education, historic preservation, and environmental preservation of parks for future generations.   Volunteers have dedicated thousands of hours and have been recognized by Clark County Parks as the highest quantity of volunteer hours in 2011-2012 and having made the most improvements.

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