“We do all kinds of cool stuff to get Whipple Creek Park back in shape...”


We have monthly committee meetings and monthly trail maintenance parties. Both are public events, please feel free to join us. 

Committee Meetings

Whipple Creek Park Restoration Committee meetings are held 6 - 8 pm every third Thursday of the month, at Mill Creek Pub in Battle Ground Washington. We discuss what is going on with the park, the activities to support the park, and everything else Whipple Creek related. These meetings are open to the public, please feel free to join us.

Trail Maintenance 

Whipple Creek Park trail maintenance parties are held 9 am - 12 noon every second Saturday of the month. Volunteers should meet a few minutes before 9 in the main parking lot located at: 17202 NW 21st Avenue, Ridgefield, WA. 

Please bring gloves, a snack and water. And if you have a weed whacker bring that too there are always weeds to cut back. 

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Clark County Parks Foundation,

a 501c3 nonprofit

Current Officers

President, Tyler Castle

Vice-President, Jennifer Lee Hickel

Secretary, Fran Duncan

Member at Large and Site Leader, Anita Will

Contact Anita Will at 360.687.4760


Tyler Castle at 360.607.3130

Our generous supporters

Whipple Creek Regional Park

2018 Trail Maintenance

Work Days

9am - 1 pm

  1. April 21

  2. June 16

  3. September 15

  4. November 17

  1. May 19

  2. August 18

  3. October 20